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Powerful, Effective,
Therapeutic Intervention

Using Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Treatments

Jacqui Sayer-Noble DipCST, Cert.Hyp.C.S.
I am a qualified Clinical advanced Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. I use mainly Psychotherapy with Hypnotherapy, Parts Work (WSN) and Counselling.
It is most important to build a good rapport with my clients as this is the main ingredient for good, successful Therapy. Counselling allows the individual to find their own way forward with guidance and direction. Powerful Therapies to treat Psychological Issues.

Powerful Effective Therapies to treat Psychological Issues

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are very powerful effective therapies and both are used successfully to treat numerous Psychological problems.

Psychological problems usually start in childhood, from behavior we learn from our parents or peers, or something that happens to us as a child and imprints on our mind as a pattern. Each time something happens again that reminds us of that pattern it triggers the re-action we developed and the pattern becomes a cycle that is very difficult for an individual to break.

Jacqui can help you change that pattern using either Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. You are reading this because you want to make that change, so contact Jacqui today!

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What is Hypnotherapy?

This therapy is wonderful for relaxation relieving stresses and anxiety and is completely safe. It has such beneficial qualities that can help you change the way you think about things that can cause you upset and discomfort mentally. Hypnotherapy usually takes about three to four sessions to change the patterns of your mind but is a really lovely calming experience.

What is Psychotherapy?

Jacqui uses BWRT 1 & 2 methods and this therapy is unique and works for many fears, phobias and habits in just one session of BWRT 1 usually, replacing those harmful problems with what you choose to replace it with. It is the only therapy I know where the therapist can work content free so not knowing what the problem is if you do not wish to disclose.

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